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Advice On Brewing, Buying And Enjoying Coffee

Have you ever wondered about exactly what makes the perfect pot of coffee? Everyone's tastebuds are different; you need to know what is out there for you. Keep reading in order to learn about how to make the best coffee possible.

If sugar is an issue, use Stevia instead. Stevia comes from plants, which means it can sweeten your coffee without the glucose. Grocery stores and health stores carry Stevia.

Will you serve coffee to visitors? You should try decorating the lattes you make by yourself. You can become the hit of your own party if you can master the basics of these designs. Try mixing some warm milk with melted chocolate each time you make coffee.

Many people want to reduce their sugar intake. Never fear, it's easy to do that with coffee. Try using agave nectar. Although this still has sugar, it doesn't effect your blood sugar nearly as bad as regular sugar. Stevia and Splenda also work well to sweeten coffee.

Coffee tastes better when you use fresh coffee beans. If you insist on buying whole beans, make sure they haven't expired and check the roasting date. Go to a coffee shop or a specialized store rather than a regular grocery store.

Never just throw coffee grounds into a coffee maker without measuring first. Match the number of cups you'd like to the right measurement of grounds. Remember that most coffee mugs hold approximately six ounces of liquid while a measuring cup has eight ounces. The best ratio is two tsp. of some ground coffee to every six oz. of water. Your brew will be watered down if you use a measuring cup.

If your morning coffee does not taste as good as you would like, it could be your water. If your tap water consistently tastes bad, purchase a filter to add to the tap. Also, you can hook a filter to your tap, so that you can have quality water at all times.

If you have an active baby that requires your attention so much that you are never able to finish a cup of coffee at home, locate a drive-through coffeeshop about ten or fifteen minutes away. Put your child in the back seat, buy your coffee, and take a leisurely drive while you enjoy your beverage.

Use artificial sweeteners? These sweeteners can change your coffee's flavor and cause it to taste bland. If taking your coffee black isn't an option, try using a little raw sugar. If you have no choice but to use a sweetener, only use half of one packet and no more.

If you drink it black, coffee can assist with burning fat. Adding sugar to your cup defeats this valuable benefit. If you want to have a helping hand in keeping your weight reasonable, have black coffee prior to eating breakfast.

Be inventive when it comes to flavoring your coffee. Brown sugar can add some different flavors as opposed to the traditional white sugar. Spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as extracts such as vanilla, work to enhance coffee flavors. Instead of milk, flavored soy or almond milk can be used.

Brew your coffee with charcoal filtered water. There are special filters that you can buy to attach to your sink and obtain this water. Another alternative is to buy a coffee machine that has its own built-in filter. Supermarkets and mass merchandisers also sell water filters.

By learning more about it, you can try something new with your coffee. Maybe you want to try it a few different ways. Perhaps you're already a coffee drinker and want to change your style. Keep these tips in mind before making future brews.

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