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REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail 4/4 By Suleiman Al-Khalidi | AMMAN AMMAN The Syrian military said on Thursday a unilateral ceasefire backed by Russia had come into force to allow people to leave besieged eastern Aleppo, a move rejected by rebels who say they are preparing a counter-offensive to break the blockade. State media earlier said the army had opened exit corridors in two designated areas in the Bustan al Qasr quarter and near the Castello road in northern Aleppo city. Waiting buses were shown on state television. Intensified Russian and Syrian bombing of besieged rebel-held parts of Aleppo in the past weeks has hit hospitals, bakeries and water pumping stations, and killed hundreds of civilians. The United Nations has criticized unilateral ceasefires after long sieges, saying they can be helpful only if combined with humanitarian access for those who do not want to leave. The 250,000 civilians trapped inside the besieged rebel held parts of the city have so far stayed away from the corridors. The army blames rebels opposed to President Bashar al-Assad for preventing them leaving and กระเป๋า ZARA says they use civilians as human shields. Rebels say the goal of Moscow and Assad is to empty rebel-held areas of civilians so they can take over the whole city. "They talk about humanitarian corridors, but why are they not allowing food into besieged eastern Aleppo to alleviate our suffering?

Air Force data lists the KC-135 as being capable of traveling up to 530 miles per hour at 30,000 feet, with a maximum takeoff weight of 322,500 pounds. The Stratotanker has been previously tested at a capacity of seven days in flight and 36 refuelings. While a typical KC-135 crew consists of three peoplea pilot, co-pilot, and boom operatorthe recent flight included a bigger team. Members included Lt. Col. Sarah Lynch, Maj. Denique Asion, Lt. Adam Less, Senior Airman Timothy Webber, Senior Airman Christopher Shelton, Sgt. Jason Bailey, Col. Samuelson, and Staff Sgt. Shawna Sims. Sims is one of 150 boom operators stationed at Fairchild. A boom is the large contraption attached to the back of a KC-135 through which fuel is transferred to other planes. As a boom operator, she says, กระเป๋า MANGO her job requires lying in a crawlspace at the back of the plane, watching the sky below through the glass, and operating the boom so it can safely connect to the incoming planes for refueling. We provide both verbal and visual cues, directing receiving aircraft to make contact for refueling, she says.

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